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Western Scenery

Desert Gypsy Beauty Bar: Wellness & Beauty

Botox Injections

Botox* & Jeuveau

15 min; $12/unit


IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy 

30-45 min; $90-$175

Groovy Grape Lip Gloss

Revanesse Versa

60 min; $650/syringe; $390/half syringe

Tooth Exam

Teeth Whitening

90 min; $150-175

Brown Eyes

Lash Extensions
Full body waxing

30min - 90 min

Desert Cactus Landscape

Office Hours

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If one of these days does not work for you, call and we’ll be happy 

to make arrangements for an alternative day.
Sat-Sun: Botox parties/IV groups
Ask about our home visit options for after hours and weekends.

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Contact us today to book your next appointment.

309 E Washington Ave
Tucumcari, Quay County 88401

(575) 282-4444

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